Using state of the art advanced technology based on latest high performance Intel CPU i5-i7, offers a vast array of advantages to the navigator. Supported by a Global Service Network.

Our High-resolution color TFT display’s of 19" 23.1" & 24” High Definition HD provide crystal clear presentations of all navigation information.

The intuitive user interface is designed with mariner in mind, offering quick and easy to use menus, easy to learn and maintain functions with unique on line feature and a “built in” user- manual and online help.

Key benefit

Fuel saving

*Advanced image processing

*Greatly reduces work load in the production of voyage plans

*Data from radar and AIS target, Navtex, weather

*Primary and secondary ships position

*Head up / course up, True / Relative motion

*Information relating to dangerous objects on charts

*Object editor for user information

*Accurate real time positioning

*Great circle calculations

*Data login with playback facility

*Network data share

*Depth check with safety contour

*Dynamic data basis for tidal, data stream, data ICE charts (O)

*Weather charts, bathymetric displaying echograph

*Anti- grounding and ARPA control

*Weather forecast

*3D modeling

*Printing capabilities

*Plan speed and direction with Auto pilot management

*Dead reckoning

*Dual display

*Route planning and monitoring

*Passage plan

*Search and rescue function / Man overboard mode

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control panel