TALOS® mini server is based to the latest 7th generation Intel® CPU with innovative Hardware-Enhanced Security, Data Encryption, Flexible Manageability and Premium Computing Experience.

TALOS protects your business against legal, financial and Insurance implication from Cybernetic crimes.

Complementary to cybernetic security requirements of IMO MSC-FAL.1/Circ.3BIMCO Ver.2 2017

It’s the industry’s first hardware enhanced multifactor authentication solution that makes logins a million more times harder to crack without sacrificing the user experience. Defend your business with hardware and sofware security that makes a great security team. The  wireless Remote encrypted protection helping IT service provider to diagnose, repair and recovery your entire PC’s fleet, even when is switched off or in the case of operation system failure, with a high resolution re-imaging through KVM control.  With TALOS mini server you can create an enhanced security encrypted network for your fleet thus reducing safety risks, costs and downtime, as well as increasing productivity with amazingly responsive computing system.

TALOS is a great solution to the company’s Safety Management requirements, in particular to ISM code, ISPS Code

Advanced Integrated hardware hooks inside TALOS mini Server, including BIOS, boot and virtualization protections which “forges” and enables TALOS to be the most secure mini server ever.




Save time and money: TALOS enables remotely recover and remediation in the scenario of compromise, without incurring
the cost of a desk side visit to the vessel!


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